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I Recommend Mrs. Patricia, Because we can say all out that due to her kindness and professionalism, We were able to go through buying our home, Once you have the right person on your site the stress level don't matter, Because she's always there for you 24/7. Thank you so much for your help on getting us our dream house .  Vasquez family




Excellent advise in all aspects, very good realtor. She helped me to sale my old house in just a week and buy a new one at the same time. I highly recommend her to buy or sale your house.

Muriel’s family



I am extremely satisfied after working with Patty on finding the property based on my requirements and budget. She was very patience during the selection process and then handled all the paperwork until the closing date making it very easy for me. I highly recommend working with Patty and her team.

Pacheco’s family


- Patty is very friendly, very accommodating and guiding us every step of the way. As a first time homebuyer, Patty plays a big factor on buying my first home. She cares for her clients and assisting them with all of her heart. She is not only a realtor but i made a good friend for life. Thank you Patt. Jayzel and Jeremy


I am extremely satisfied after working with Patty on finding the property based on my requirements and budget. She was very patience during the selection process and then handled all the paperwork until the closing date making it very easy for me. I highly recommend working with Patty and her team. Ivan M.


Patty is a great person and realtor. I would definitely work with her again. We didn't feel the process.She will go the extra mile for you. L Montoya


Perfect! She's very professional. Very helpfull. The best! We love her way to work and the way she did all. We are so happy with all how she take care every detail about what we need. We really recommend her work for all our friends and family... And we recommend for everybody need help to buy or sales.

Johnson Family


Una perfecta profesional. Muy dedicada y nos ayudo grandemente. La recomendamos a todos nuestros amigos y familiares... Y tambien a todos aquellos que necesiten ayuden.

Oscar y Jazmin Siempre agradecidos con su ayuda


Gracias a DIOS que puso a Patty Perez in mi Camino, una buena experiencia en la venta de mi casa, les recomienda excelente persona muy profesional

Ausencio C.


Gracias por la ayuda estoy muy agradecida y muy contenta por la eficiencia con que se trabajo la compra de la casa.muchas gracias.

Familia Galvez


Patty guide me thru a very long process and never let me go! She is very knowledgable and her kindness really makes the difference. I can’t thank Patty enough for all her help making this dream come truth!  Nitza C.


I am very happy that I found Patty Perez in my life because she has helped me to find my house. It was not only a business transaction it was a very familiar process - it was like a friend helping me to find my house for me and my family. I will recommend Patty Perez to all my friends and family. You will be in GREAT HANDS ! 100%% Recommended ! Thank you Patty's Team. Jean B.


- This is my second property in Orlando as an investor, i hihly recomended Patty Perez as you Realtor; just simple she is the best doing what she love to do, help families to buy their dream home!   Victor G.


Patty Perez is a wonderful lady,very polite,very patient and overall honest. For us, Patty Perez has been a gift from Lord. Thanks Patty. Thanks,Thanks, Thanks   Betty R


Working with Patty was great. She was always fast communicating any changes and responding to our questions. Always transparent throughout the whole transaction and really easy to work with. Excellent realtor, she became the family realtor, my family is really happy with her and we as well.  Sam P.


Awesome! Got us a house quickly & very very easy ! Thank you !!!!

M  Torres


-Paty was great to work with. she kept us updated throughout the whole process and kept us at easy!  

 Jenry P


Patty made the process a breeze. Very professional and always in communication with the client throughout the process.

Heidy M.


Patricia is very helpful and treats you like family. She is always looking out for her clients and wants the best for them. 100% Realtor I always refer her to my relatives .

  V Salazar


Patricia es una persona con mucha experiencia y sabe guiar y asesor al comprador, la recomiendo como persona y profesional.  

Maria D.


Our experience with Patricia was excellent; her constant communication and professionalism was beyond our expectations. We have recommended her to all our friends that have been looking to buy or sell a property.

 W . Diaz


We were very pleased with her professionalism and constant communication. We have recommended her to our friends and they have had the same experience that we had. N Rozo

Patty help me family to find our home. Patty did an outstanding job helping us to find the perfect house for us. She went above and beyond to make sure we pick the right house for us. Thanks Patty for helping my family .   

D. Justiniano


I had a very good experience with Patricia, the process was really fast ,I recommend her as you Realtor. 

Yamila P.


 Patty was incredible. She was able to show us houses immediately and really understood what we were looking for. She knows Central Florida really well and found an excellent location for us with great schools in a safe community. Patty always took my calls and answered any question. She is also bilingual, which was helpful because my wife's first language is Spanish. That helped tremendously. Her expertise made for a great experience and I would recommend her to friends and families looking for the perfect home. Thanks Patty.

Frank Z.


 Patty is very professional and knowledgeable about the real state industry she is very pleasant to work with. I would look for her if i have any other real state inquires. Thank you Patty

Roxana R.


Patty was awesome! She made me and my family's dream come true. She listened and answered all of our questions and truly cared about us. Patty and her team worked hard and encouraged us not to give up when we had to be patient. She told us what to do and what not to do and gave us great information. We highly recommend Patty Perez and her team.

Huston Family


When purchasing a new home with Patty Perez did a really poor job. I believe her biggest problem is that she is lazy, lier and making promise she at the end didnt do. Through the buying process she didn't follow through on issues she said she was going to take care of like she said she was going to.She said she was going to pay for our inspection because we lost money in the first time and it was untill the week after i closed my house i ask her for the inspection report and she said she forgot to tell me she didnt do the inspection and we end up paying $10,000 for a new AC unit for the house we just bought. All the time she knew the AC unit was not in good conditions but i guess she just do the job taking advantage for people that are in need for a house. This "Realtor" is not professional at all making comments about her client (me) when she at the time was doing bussines with me. I cant believe a person like this still work with people in such important desicion. At the end i was just questioning my self if she was working for me or the seller of the house. She didnt want to fight for stuff she knew it was seller responsability.I believe others should be aware of working with her and be careful with this person dont trust her at all. I am so hurt right now because something that it was suppost to be the best time in my life became the worst nightmare. Hope no one else have go thru this horrible experience with this person. Didnt have a choice about the start if the had somethibg below 0 that the right rate .

 Ive T.



The first time we met Patty was three and half years ago while we were short selling our home. It was a dark time for us as we were struggling to figure out what to do. Patty guided us through that process. She made sure we would be set right at the end. When it was all done she told us that in three years when we were ready to buy another home to call her. At that time I was laughing at the notion of buying a new home in three years. Well, now a little over three years later, we called her. She helped us to understand the way the market is, the way loans are done, and guided us through the whole process once again. She is one of the most trustworthy and ethical people I have ever done business with. When we meet with her, it's like meeting a family friend. One who is there to teach you, guide you, and protect you through a process that we as most people would otherwise feel lost and inadequately prepared. I have and will always refer anyone dealing with real estate to Patty. 

 Thanks  S. G.


- Patty was an extraordinarily helpful agent and helped us buy the home of our dreams. We were very new to the process as this was our first home. She was super knowledgeable about the process, patient with our many questions, always willing to do more research for us, worked well with our other agents, and even seemed to have the inside scoop on the house we were eyeing. She was so friendly and always made us feel comfortable. I will say, my partner and I did a lot of our own research, and she seemed impressed with what we already knew going in. There was an unexpected large repair/expense discovered during the inspection, and, when the seller decided not to budge at all on the listing price, Patty threw in a home warranty for one year at her own expense. All in all, I would highly recommend Patty.



I'm first homeowner. Patricia took into consideration all my concerns and she was there with me, hand by hand on all the details of this transaction. I could not ask for a more professional person. Thank you for always answering my text messages, emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

C. Renteria


we want to say Thank you, to Patricia, we know her for more than 13 yrs and we always recommend her to all my friends and family members, she has closed my brother in law and my son buyer transaction very successfully, we finally get the chance to buy an investment property ( we didn't use her for our primary house cause at that point we didn't meet her ) and she was there with me, hand by hand on all the details of this transaction. I recommended her 120%. very professional, very experience and acknowledge. Go Patty !!!!! . Beatriz  & Luis


Working with Patricia was one of the most rewarding experiences, she is always on top of her work ensuring the highest level of customer service and care for her buyers and sellers. I had the opportunity of working with Patricia on both sides of the transaction. She sold my property and found us a new one VERY quickly. She understood our requirements, needs, and wants and tailored her listings to just that. She is hands down the most knowledgeable realtor in the industry. She took her time to explain all the details and guidelines in both closing documents to make the closing process go as smooth as possible. This was my first time doing business with Patricia and will consider her professional, knowledgeable, and quick sales techniques for the future.  

A. Patel


Patty I want to thank you for being part nOf making my dream come true nEver since the first day we met you gave me confidence in your Professionalism, there were days that went by when  I thought it would be impossible to get my brand new home but you always had a word of encouragement and helped me not to lose my hope. nI Thank First GOD and then you that have helped me through these 3 1/2 months of waiting. nThank you for always answering the hundreds of text messages and emails in a timely manner. nI wish you success and many more complishments in your business. n I would definetly Reccommend you to anyone. Thanks Again.

   Janice R.


We are First Time Homeowners. Patricia Perez helped us every step of the way. Patty is incredibly professional and patiently walked us through every house we wanted to look at. She is very knowledgable and easy to talk to. She quickly understood what we were looking for. What my husband and I appreciated most about working with Patty was her strong sense of Integrity and instinctual feel for the market. We highly recommend Patricia Perez. 

Hannah F.



I meet Patricia in December and my house closed the 2nd week of February. Patricia took into consideration all my concerns due to I was nerves and she was with me through the whole process. I could not ask for a more professional person to had assisted me in becoming a home owner. I would recommend Patricia without any doubt. I want to say thank you for your patients and thoughtfulness through this process.

Marie B.


- Thank you Patricia for your help and support along the way to make this dream possible for me and my family we are so grateful and will always be like family after this experience and will recommend you to anybody willing to do the same thing and I know you going to make it easy for them we appreciate your effort and and patience I still can't believe how quick and easy you made it for us hope to work with you in the future in any other adventures we may need you.

Adrian C.


Excellent experience. Mrs. Patricia Perez, excellent realtor, the best. She is always assisting you, from the beginning to the end of the sale/purchase of your property. Knowledge, experience, empathy. I recommend her. For future realty service I will contact her.

Magda M.

I past a wonderful experience with Patty this year. She helped us get our very first home. From the very first time I called her, Patty educated me and assured me we would do everything possible to get me my house. She teamed up with a lender to help me with my credit issues and in two months I had my house! I am extremely grateful for her hard work and positivity throughout the process. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Very knowledgeable and very professional! Thank you Patty!!!

Jimara Osorio


Estamos muy agradecidos por la Gran ayuda, dedicacion y experiencia que Patty nos brindo para obtener nuestra casa. La recomendamos 100%,

 Dios la siga bendiciendo en gran manera.



Recomiendo a Ms. Patty Perez por su conocimiento y profesionalismo como realtor. Muy dedicada a cumplir con los Requisitos de sus clientes y por brindar esa confianza y apoyo en todo el proceso hasta el final. Gracias a su empatia puede y entender objetivamente lo que quieren sus clientes.

Marge Rodriguez


Patty was awesome! She is very knowledgeable. She was always there to answer any questions we had, she helped us all through the process of buying our new beautiful home. We are so happy and we highly recommend her.

Charlene Fana


Patty Perez is an incredible Person. Her work ethics during our search of our our home was fenomenal. If you are in search of your new home please call her and make your dream come true. I recommended her as your Next Realtor. Best of luck.Thank you Patty for all your help during this journey.

Gustavo Laverde


Besides the professionalism and great personality, Patty is the perfect match as a realtors for those who’s biggest problem is to find a right home, she will professionally get to know about you and then she will help you find the right property. Then she will make the process easier for you. In my personal experience I found out that patty really cares about your experience as a home buyer. But also patty definitely make sure you are happy. Hope that if you read this is because you are buying or thinking to buy a home. Patty awaits for you!




I extremely recommend Patty as your realtor. I had great experience throughout the process. Patty is very professional, knowledgeable and with many years of experience. She is also a great person, very familiar and fun to be around. She will go the extra mile to find the next house of your dreams. So if you want to enjoy the process of finding your new dream home then give Patty a call!



Patty Perez Best agent , Make my Purchase process so easy.

I highly recommend her.

Esperanza  Zambrano



Alba Reyes


PATTY , Gracias a Dios por compra mi casa estoy muy agradecido porser tan buena  realtor que pudo ayudarme , la recomiendo a Los que esten interesados en comprar casa.

Thank God for buying my house I am very pleased by this realtor who could help me I recommend to those who are interested.


Les recomiendo ha patty logre comprar mi casa fue un proceso rápido y preciso cumplio con todo lo que le pedí y me busco una casa maravillosa tal como la quería si quieres lograr tu sueño contactarla te la recomiendo .

cumplió mi sueño realidad , comprar mi casa en los Estados Unidos, con mucha rapidez profesionalismo paciencia para encontrar la casa que realmente yo quería si estas buscando alguien como Patricia te la recomiendo al 100 % .

Alex y Pino P.

Patty Perez has, on more than one occasion, been our go to person for anything real estate. When things become overwhelming or confusing, she will there like a beacon in the storm. Her knowledge and experience are beyond the standard of other realtors we have dealt with. Her sense of dedication to her client is astonishing, she puts her clients interest before anything else, even if it means she loses the deal. I have and will continue

Sean Gaston

Patty is Excellent! I highly recommend her if your wanting to buy your dream home. She's the best in the business! It was a pleasure to have Patty Perez working to get my family and I our dream home. She is very professional and does whatever it takes to make the process as smooth as possible even when things get complicated with lenders or other situations that come up. She's was very patient with me being a first time home owner. I highly recommend Patty! She's the best in the business!


Jonathan Vazquez



Had a beautiful experience working with patty would recommend her to anyone in the Florida region lovely seller. thanks a bunch

Dora Blanco


Gracias Patty por ayudarnos a mi esposo y a mi comprar nuestro primer hogar!! Estamos muy felices por nuestra compra! Recomiendo a Patty como realtor 100% es muy paciente, amable y tiene mucho conocimiento en compra de casas!

Eileen Santos


Patty was very quick to help us get this house, as soon as i told her that we liked she arranged for everything to be done

Luis Mercado


Patty was very quick to help us get this house, as soon as i told her that we liked she arranged for everything to be done.

Elka Garcia


Excellent realtor, very kind and profesional.

Carlos P.


Ms. Patty Perez la recomiendo como realtor 100%. Tiene la experiencia y los conocimientos para trabajar con cualquier situación que se presente profesionalmente. Conocí a Patty en un momento muy difícil que pensé que no lograría tener mi casa, pero sus primeras palabras fueron "No te preocupes vamos a conseguir esa Casa que tanto quieres. Trabajamos juntas y nunca me dejo sola, estuvo muy pendiente a todos los detalles del proceso y sobre todo me brindo la confianza y apoyo que necesitaba para no perder la esperanza. Gracias a Ms. Patty hoy puedo decir tengo mi hogar y puedo decir que logre cumplir mi sueño. Gracias por tu arduo trabajo Patty hoy tengo mi hogar

Marge  Castanon


I am extremely satisfied after working with Patty on finding the property based on my requirements and budget. She was very patience during the selection process and then handled all the paperwork until the closing date making it very easy for me. I highly recommend working with Patty and her team

Ivan M.


Patty Perez is the best realtor there is! She helped us through out the buying process! She answered all of our questions effectively, productively and professionally. She found and helped us buy a house in under a months time! We will be recommending her to all of our family and friends! Thank you Patty!

Jorge G.



Jimara Osorio

I had a wonderful experience with Patty this year. She helped us get our very first
home. From the very first time I called her, Patty educated me and assured me we
would do everything possible to get me my house. She teamed up with a lender to
help me with my credit issues and in two months I had my house! I am extremely
grateful for her hard work and positivity throughout the process. I would definitely
recommend her to anyone. Very knowledgeable and very professional! Thank you

Hello Patty, We wanted to thank you for your assistance in finding our new home. You were very professional, accessible and knowledgeable throughout the process. We definitely recommend your services to anyone interested in purchasing a new home. Thanks for everything you did.

Sebastian Santana

Mi realtor Patty Perez es una excelente representante de bienes raíces. Muy entregada con sus clientes, lo protege y lo ayuda al maximo hasta su día del cierre. Si tendria que comprar o vender de nuevo, Patricia Pérez será mi representante como realtor.

Euriliz M Lora

Mi experiencia con Patty Perez fue fabulosa ella siempre estuvo al pendiente de la negociación de la propiedad y que se nos honrará todo lo estipulado. Nos aconsejo en como llevar nuestras finanzas para tener al final un buen resultado y un estatus financiero saludable. Y lo mejor....Te va decir las cosas como son (la verdad) y te va a dar la clave para lograr la compra o venta de tu Propiedad.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Excelente servicio!


Working with Patty was a wonderful experience, she is full of energy and a true expert, she walked us through this process and fought for us like no one did before, her expertise and disposition were of big asset to our house hunting and she made our American Dream of becoming home owners possible. We highly recommend Patty to everyone looking for a new home. Thank you Patty!

Jago Perez Family

Patricia es la mejor! El proceso fue muy largo pero no hubo un día donde no se canso de luchar por conseguirnos la casa que queríamos. Ella hará hasta lo imposible para conseguir un buen precio y bonita casa.


Es una persona excelentisima cordial y como ella no hay otra .

gracias Patty Perez que Dios te continue Bendiciendo.

Jorge Luis Tirado

Tuvimos suerte de que aceptara ser nuestra realtor, porque a pesar de la situación del mercado pero siguiendo sus recomendaciones y estrategias, logró que en menos de 15 días conseguieramos la casa que queríamos. Durante todo el proceso estuvo acompañándonos e impulsandonos a cumplir nuestro sueño, dando siempre la milla extra. La recomendamos 100%.


Working with Patty was a true Godsend for my family! From the first phone call, I felt a special connection. She took the time to guide us through the pre-approval process and explained everything we should expect clearly and up-front. She was very attentive and answered all of our questions every step of the way. Thanks to her guidance, the whole process was easy and painless! Hands-down, I would recommend Patty Perez for anyone who is looking for a new home, you won't regret it!


Excelente realtor. Excelente persona Paty Perez.,, Gracias muy buen trabajo.


Patty is an excellent Realtor, Very knowledgeable, took the time to find out what we want it in a home. She is an absolute JOY to work with. I will recommend her to everyone I know. She help me buy my first home , and If I buy more homes i will be definetely contacting her to help Me. Awesome Realtor!!!

Jonathan Pacheco

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